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Béatrice Cordelia DeguireOctober 28, 1905116Birth
William Franck Marson + Josephine DeguireOctober 28, 192299Marriage
Oscar Doucet + Angélique DeguireOctober 28, 1920101Marriage
Henri Albert Chéné + Marie Zéphirine QuevillonOctober 28, 1919102Marriage
Raymond Rinfret + Béatrice LamontagneOctober 28, 1919102Marriage
Louis Henri Drouin + Yvonne PotvinOctober 28, 1918103Marriage
Georges Plourde + Marilda DuchesneOctober 28, 1918103Marriage
Ferdinand Clermont + Marie-Louise ClémentOctober 28, 1913108Marriage
Arthur Auclair + Aimée LeblancOctober 28, 1912109Marriage