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Dosilva Tremblay + Rose Alma CrevierSeptember 20, 192298Marriage
Joseph René Roger Clermont + Marie-Reine Rachel BouffardSeptember 20, 192199Marriage
Eleucippe Lauzé + Bertha Olympe MarionSeptember 20, 192199Marriage
Alfred Séguin + Rhéa ClermontSeptember 20, 1920100Marriage
Rosario Montreuil + Marie-Reine Geneviève ClermontSeptember 20, 1920100Marriage
Aubert Lacoste + Louisa BrochuSeptember 20, 1920100Marriage
Charles-Édouard Cléroux + Joséphine BastienSeptember 20, 1919101Marriage
Omer Cléroux + Yvonne HuneauSeptember 20, 1915105Marriage
Théophile Legault + Emma DumouchelSeptember 20, 1915105Marriage
Wilfrid Boileau + Carmel QuevillonSeptember 20, 1915105Marriage