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Louise Rose Délima ChiassonJune 15, 1907114Birth
Octave St-Denis + Albertine LerouxJune 15, 192299Marriage
Aldas Cardinal + Yvonne MayerJune 15, 1920101Marriage
Jean Lamontagne + Anna LachanceJune 15, 1915106Marriage
Aurore Lavoie + William BoivinJune 15, 1915106Marriage
Ferdinand Larouche + Rosalie ClérouxJune 15, 1914107Marriage
Arthur Goyer + Corrine DagenaisJune 15, 1914107Marriage
Émile Cousineau + Sarah LeblancJune 15, 1914107Marriage
Edouard Gingras + Marie-Odile GingrasJune 15, 1914107Marriage