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Source : Guide to Saint-Laurent, Street names



City of Saint-Laurent



«This street crosses the old Saint-Aubin farm.  In 1857, the farm was bought by François-Xavier Saint-Aubin who died in 1891 at the age of 81.  It was inherited by his sonons Pierre-Paul, who died in 1919, and Victor;  both were Cà´te-Vertu farmers.  His widow Gertrude kept a section of the farm until her death in 1930.  In 1945, the farm belonged to Armand Saint-Aubin and Pierre-Paul’s three sons.


The Saint-Aubin family first settled in Saint-Laurent in the 18th century.  Their ancestor, Julien Saint-Aubin, moved to Cà´te Notre-Dame-des-Vertus sometime before 1719.  He married Suzanne Courault, who bore him six children.  His sons Jacques and Denis left numerous descendants in Saint-Laurent, many of whom became active in municipal politics.  Urgel Saint-Aubin was »Mayor of the Parish from 1912 to 1921, and various Saint-Aubins were aldermen.»




Saint-AubinStreet was named June 9th 1950.



Excerpt from Â« Guide to Saint-Laurent Street Names, a Heritage Worth Discovering.  Published by the Saint-Laurent burrough.









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