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Source : Guide to Saint-Laurent, Street names



Ville Saint-Laurent


This street, located in the heart of Saint-Laurent, is dedicated to one of its very important mayor.


Edouard Gohier (1861-1923) served three terms as Mayor of Saint-Laurent: 1893 to 1901, 1903 to 1905 and 1911 to 1913.  Elected as first magistrate of the newly created municipality in 1893, he resigned in 1913 and was succeeded by his uncle, Hormisdas Crevie.  A businessman, Gohier was Ludger Cousineau’s partner in Compagnie des Boulevards de l’à®le de Montreal, which developed a loarge part of Saint-Laurent.  He served on the board of directors od Notre-Dame Hospital and Le Devoir newspaper.  In 1883, he married P.-Poméla Gosselin, with whom he had 13 children.  Some of them followed in their father’s  footsteps.  His son Edouard was a lumber merchant and Mayor of Saint-Laurent from 1928 to 1938 and 1943 to 1949.

Extrait de Â« Les rues de Saint-Laurent, répertoire toponymique. Un patrimoine  à  découvrir.  Publié par l’arrondissement Saint-Laurent.



This street was formerly named Chemin des Ormes.



Excerpt from Â« Guide to Saint-Laurent Street Names, a Heritage Worth Discovering.  Published by the Saint-Laurent burrough.






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