Source: The Aubuchon Family, 400 Years of History


Descendants of Jean Aubuchon

b. 1591 in Ste. Rémi de Dieppe, Normandy, France


The Migration to Kaskaskia, Illinois


As early as 1712 the first of the four Aubuchon brothers, Joseph, Pierre, Jean Baptiste and Antoine, migrated from Canada to the Illinois country.  They were the sons of Joseph "dit" L'Esperance Aubuchon and Elizabeth Cusson, grandchildren of Jean "dit" L'Esperance Aubuchon, the immigrant and great-grandchildren of Jean Aubuchon and Jeanne Gille of Normandy, France.  Although they did not all travel together, they did all settle along the Mississippi River, in the village of Kaskaskia.  The village of Kaskaskia was founded in 1703, south of the mission of Cahokia, making the Aubuchon brothers some of the earliest settlers there.  Thus began the Midwest chapter of Aubuchon family.

Joseph Aubuchon b. 24 December 1688 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Joseph, the oldest of the four brothers, was born December 24, 1688.  There are two official dates listed for Joseph's migration to Kaskaskia: September 9, 1712, and August 23, 17181.  Kaskaskia records from January 1726 indicate that Joseph was the godfather to Joseph Devignet, so he definitely migrated before January 1726.  The following is the English translation of a quote from the baptismal record:

"January, 1726, was born a son of the lawful marriage of Nicolas Devignet and of Dorothee Mercier... whom I baptized the same day.  The godfather was Joseph Aubuchon and the godmother Cecille Brunet; he was given the name Joseph."2

Joseph married a Native American, Marie Paniouensa (there are various spellings of her name), possibly Pawnee (Pani), in Kaskaskia on March 29, 1729.  Together they had three children:  Cecile whose birth and death dates are unknown;  Marie Louise Dorothee Aubuchon who married Charles Chevalier in 1771 and upon his death married Jean Clairet in 1773;  Finally, Gabriel who was born around 1735 in Kaskaskia, married Angelique "dit" LaSonde Pilet on April 30, 1765 in Kaskaskia and died February 20, 1785 in Kaskaskia.

On April 13, 1739, Joseph succeeded Antoine Bienvenu as the annually elected Syndic of Kaskaskia.   In the northern provinces of France, the duty of a Syndic was to represent the village in all lawsuits against it.  But in the Illinois country the position seems to have been more of a magistrate.3

Joseph remained in Kaskaskia until his death in 1772.  Following generations (possibly his son Gabriel) would later migrate to Florissant, Missouri.

Pierre Aubuchon b. 26 June 1694 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Pierre was born on June 26, 1694 in Montreal and was baptized on the same date.  He was the son of Joseph "dit" L'Esperance Aubuchon and Elizabeth Cusson.  Pierre migrated to Kaskaskia, May 9, 17164.  He married Marie Louise "dit" Bourbonnais Brunet, on May 10, 1728.  Although Pierre, Marie and her parents were all in New Orleans when they married, they all returned home to Kaskaskia afterwards. 

Marie gave birth to the first Aubuchon born in Kaskaskia, Elisabeth in about 1733.  In total, Pierre and Marie Louise had eight children:  Elizabeth, born 1733, married Pierre "dit" La Fatigue Billeron on January 12, 1750/51 in Kaskaskia;  Augustine, born around 1735;  Pierre, born October 11, 1736, married Charlotte Guillemot LaLande on January 10, 1763, in Ste. Genevieve and died September 26, 1781, in Ste. Genevieve;  Marie Anne, born about 1741, married Phillippe-Henri Carpentier on November 8, 1757, in Kaskaskia and died March 22, 1775, in Ste. Genevieve;  Elizabeth, born around 1743; Augustine, born about 1744, married Therese LaLumandiere on January 17, 1774 in Ste. Genevieve and died February 4, 1825, in Ste. Genevieve;  Catherine, born about 1747, married Jean Baptiste Hubert LaCroix on August 8, 1772;  Finally, Antoine, born in 1749.

Sometime in the 1720's, Pierre fathered Marie, an illegitimate daughter of an unknown Natchez Indian.5  It is not known whether the relationship occurred in Kaskaskia or Canada.  Based on Marie's marriage to Jean Baptiste Alarie, on June 6, 1744, the relationship probably occurred before Pierre married Marie Louise Brunet.  Since Pierre migrated in 1716, it would imply that she was born in Kaskaskia.

Pierre became the legal guardian of Guillaume Potier as early as 1740.  Guillaume was the son of Guillaume Potier and Marie, an Indian, both of whom died in the 1740-1741 time frame.  Pierre granted his consent for Guillaume to transport meat to New Orleans after a hunting party in the Fall of 17406.

Pierre died on April 21, 1771.

Jean Baptiste Aubuchon b. 09 September 1698 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Jean Baptiste was born on September 9, 1698 in Montreal.  There are also two migration dates identified for Jean Baptiste: May 7, 1725, and July 1, 1729.7  You could speculate that Jean Baptiste return to Montreal to retrieve his brother Antoine and they traveled together to Kaskaskia.  There is currently no known marriage or descendants of Jean Baptiste and the date and location of his death are also not known.

We do know he was listed in the Kaskaskia records as a master carpenter, and was contracted to build a house in Kaskaskia for Etienne Gaudreau on March 10, 1739.  The house was to be twenty-five by twenty feet.  The cost was 300 livres plus food for Jean Baptiste and his helpers, provided he supplied the harness necessary to haul the wood.8

Antoine Aubuchon b. 13 November 1705 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

There were possibly two Antoine children of Joseph "dit" L'Esperance Aubuchon.  According to the "Dictionnaire généalogique des familles du Québec" the first Antoine was born on September 20, 1703, in Montreal and married Agatha Gervaise in Quebec, Canada on November 18, 1726.   She died two years later on September 29, 1728, in Quebec, Canada.  They had two children, Joseph Aubuchon, born September 30, 1727, and died in Canada on October 4, 1727, and Marie Catherine Aubuchon, born September 14, 1728, and died October 11, 1728, also in Canada.9  In approximately a one year period, September 29, 1727, and October 11, 1728, Antoine lost his entire family.

The second Antoine born November 13, 1705, was the Antoine that actually migrated.  His recognized migration date is July 1, 172910, which coincides with the second date identified for Jean Baptiste.  After settling in Kaskaskia, he married Elisabeth Delaunay (also spelled de Launay and other various spellings) on February 1, 1738/39.  Elisabeth Delaunay was the daughter of Joseph Delaunay and Elisabeth Bourbonnais.  Elisabeth Bourbonnais was also the mother of Andre Deguire by her second husband.

Together, Antoine and Elizabeth, had two children:  Elizabeth was born in Kaskaskia, Illinois, sometime around 1738, married Dominique Thomure LaSource on July 1, 1755, in Kaskaskia, unfortunately, the date of her death is unknown;  Antoine Tonish, was also born in Kaskaskia around 1750, married Marie Louise "dit" Veronneau Denis November 24, 1766, in Ste. Genevieve and he died January 25, 1798, in Ste. Genevieve.  There is speculation that there may have been a third child named François.

The conflict as to which Antoine actually migrated (if there were really two) is that the book "Kaskaskia Under the French Regime", by Natalia Maree Belting, identifies November 13, 1703, as Antoine's (Antoine of Kaskaskia) baptismal date.  The "Dictionnaire généalogique des familles du Québec" , by Rene Jette, identifies the Antoine who did not migrate, as having a birth and baptism of September 20, 1703.  It does seem likely that the date, November 13, 1703, in the Belting book, is a typographical error and should actually be 1705.  To add to the confusion, Tanguay's book, "Dictionnaire généalogique des familles Canadiennes, Vol II", records François Aubuchon, born 1691, having married Agathe Gervais in 1726.  François Aubuchon, of the Jacques "dit" Le Loyal Aubuchon line, was the son of Joseph "dit" Désaliers Aubuchon and Louise Dandonneau.  It is not ruled out that the Antoine who lost his family was the one that migrated.  After all, the death of the last family member was about nine months before he would have migrated.  Nor is it ruled out that there was really only one Antoine.

The 1752 Kaskaskia, Illinois, census indicated that Antoine Aubuchon (spelled Obichon) was the second head-of-family of the André Deguire household.  His wife Elizabeth was the daughter of André Deguire's wife Elizabeth by her first husband.  Thus, Antoine fell within the extended family of André Deguire and probably considered Deguire their patron and protector.  Antoine had only his wife, one pre-pubescent daughter, and an indentured servant to make up his household, and he held three arpents of land.11  Based on this census, Antoine's son, Antoine Tonish, was born after the cenus of 1752 and not in 1750 as traditionally recognized.

Eventually, Antoine migrated to Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, with his family where he died on May 30, 1761.



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